Digital strategies.

Plan – Coordinate – Deploy

Digital communication involves a complex planning to create contact points between companies and clients.

Relying on a network of partners with specific knowledge, we are able to offer a startegic plan for eCommerce, from its visual aspect to the editorial line to be embraced as well as the digital campaign and the counting of the return on investment.

We work on the business model of a digital agency and take care of the whole process, survey, planning, project management, system developements and follow-up of the online campaigns accomplishment.

Relationship example


Displays your products, content, brand concept. This is where visitors interact with your brand in the digital space.


Some eCommerce products, blog posts or events in a calendar, you can manage it all from this administrative tool.

Newsletter step #1

Where your visitor, attracted to your brand, your products, will input his email to stay in touch with your own feed of news.

Social media

Place of engagement. This is where visitors will like your brand, follow your ideas and get to know your products.

Newsletter step #2

Database. This is where the data of your clients will be kept, waiting for the next email marketing campaign to kick off.

Newsletter step #3

The email that is being sent to your clients is a precious piece of marketing for the relationship with your users - CRM.

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