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Casarão Ameno Resedá

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More than a bar with live shows, the Casarão Ameno Resedá defines a new moment for the disctrict Catete. It was bought by Carlos Lessa who then did a complete restauration to level up the quality of the building and transform a declining street corner into a brand new place for brazilian music lovers. The process included everything and everyone around to help get the neiborhood back on the map.

Our goal was to bring to the site the concept of a new place with an old history of the city of Rio de Janeiro, knowing that Ameno Resedá was a tradicional "Rancho de carnaval", one of the birthplace of some of the actual carnaval groups.

É do Catete!

The project, built with Wordpress, is an all administrable site, fully integrating social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Show admissions can be easily bought with links direclty linking each show to the related page at Ingresso Rápido.

We also send weekly newsletters that present the upcoming shows.

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